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Our Mission
- To give you more confidence about your financial life

- To rehabilitate your investment strategy using the last fifty years

   of  academic (not Wall Street) research

- To be completely transparent

- We believe that controlling risk is as important as seeking returns.


What We Do
- Coordinate your financial affairs
- Manage
your money based on science guided by the art of financial planning

- Help define your goals - College - Retirement - Asset Protection - Charity - Estate Planning
- Assist you in the implementation of strategies to reach your g
- Negotiate insurance that fits into your financial plan
- Pension plan design to maximize your contributions
- Monitor your progression to keep you on track to meet your goals
- Disclose fees and expenses so you know what you are paying (many investors

   aren't sure what they are paying)


Questions To Ask Yourself
- What proven investment strategy are you currently using?
- What are you currently paying for your investments?

- How does your current investment strategy manage risk?


- Is planning your future important to you?
- How much of who you are today did you plan for in the past?
- How much time do you devote to planning? 
- What is most important to you?
- Who or what do you care about more than yourself?
- What are your goals? 
- What impact do you want to have on your children?
- What do you want them to say about you? 
- How do you make decisions?
- Who else besides you helps make your financial decisions?
- Who are your key advisors?


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